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 Immanuel Lutheran            Church & School                1101 Hilltop Drive                 Loveland, CO  80537          Phone: (970) 667-4506             Fax:     (970) 667-0120              E-Mail: [email protected]

Service Times:  Sundays             8:00A.M.  or  10:30A.M.

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Immanuel Lutheran School offers a Christ-centered education with academic excellence in preschool through eight grade and an extended day-care program. Since its beginning in 1977, Immanuel Lutheran School has been assisting parents with their responsibility to bring up children in the way of the Lord. Through Christian education, our facility is committed to developing the total child: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Christ’s love is the motivating force in our curriculum. The Bible provides orientation for all subjects and learning experiences. Subjects are taught to meet standards set for by Lutheran Schools and by the State of Colorado. Our teachers are Christian men and women dedicated to sharing their faith in Christ with their students, and all are certified graduates of accredited institutions.

Students experience friendships based on Christian love and concern for each other both in and out of the classroom. The size and closeness of the student body encourages healthy peer groups.

Students also have many opportunities to interact and grow through a variety of extra-curricular activities, including interscholastic sports. Graduates are fully accepted into public schools and maintain a commendable record.