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It is getting harder and harder to find organizations that share our beliefs and values. God puts an emptiness inside each of us that we try to fill somehow. Sometimes we try to fill it with our jobs, our kids, sports, material goods like a bigger house or a fancier car or by traveling to exotic destinations. But it is becoming increasingly clear that no matter how hard we try, we can’t fill it on our own. In fact, as the world around us becomes more and more troubled we find ourselves becoming disappointed and increasingly uncomfortable with our employers, our government and society’s leaders. Our stress is going up and probably our blood pressure too, but we continue to invest our time and talents in things that don’t really make much of a difference in the long run. At Immanuel we believe God designed that emptiness in such a way that it can really only be filled by Him. All of our efforts to fill it without Him are destined to fail. We often waste a lot of time, money and energy figuring that out.

At Immanuel we are “A Family Place.” We strive to be a place where families of all shapes and sizes can call home – from singles to married couples to single parents to couples with children to empty nesters to retired to widowed. We believe that we are called to walk alongside families to help them get to know God in a personal way, to discover His will for our lives and to become more Christ-like, and to grow into the fullness of life He has put within each of us. It is hard to do that by ourselves, so we believe that God calls us to live in community (family!) with each other. At Immanuel, we worship together, pray together, play together and work and serve together to grow in our relationship with Christ and to love and help each other and our neighbors.

We take seriously God’s call for us to be salt and light to a confused and hurting world so much in need of His healing message. Immanuel Lutheran School is the largest Christian school in Northern Colorado and is providing an extremely high quality Christ-centered education to nearly 400 students. Through our local congregation and our denomination (The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) we are actively involved in and support a wide variety of local, national and international caring and outreach ministries. We are committed to becoming a beacon of light and hope to people and families struggling to make sense of their challenging circumstances.

If you are looking for more than just another church – if you are looking to fill that emptiness within you – if you want to be part of a vital life changing community that is impacting people’s lives every day, Immanuel may be the place for you. Maybe it is participating in our comprehensive and transforming prayer ministry that permeates everything we do together. Maybe it is teaching a Sunday school class or attending or teaching one of our many adult Bible studies or Christian life oriented classes. Maybe it is utilizing your musical talents as part of our diverse music ministry. Maybe it is working with our parish nurse to improve the lives of members of our congregation as well as others in the Loveland community. Maybe it is working on our web development team or coaching a school athletic team… Well you get the idea.

There is a lot happening here. It is all part of becoming the wonderfully complex and fulfilled creatures God envisions each of us to be. We would like to help you fill that emptiness inside by helping you utilize every bit of unique talent God has given you, to help you become everything God wants you to become, and to help you make a difference for Him in this crazy, exciting, frustrating, wonderful world He put us in.